How to Help Your Sales Team Have Better Sales Conversations
December 7, 2016
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What is holding you back from making more Sales?

Can you break through

Asking for the Business

We invest the effort into building relationships, demonstrating our value and then we stumble at the final hurdle – when asking for what we want for what we’re worth.

For example, have you ever dreaded talking about the salary you deserve after you’ve survived lots of challenging interviews for a job?

All this is a choice. Whether you’re making the choice consciously or subconsciously – it is still a choice to put what you want as a last priority.

What we are aware of we control, what we are unaware of controls us

That’s not good for sales and influence.

I’m not saying its an easy one I’m saying its simply a choice you can make. And more often than not you need to ask yourself some difficult questions to be able to start making choices that will help you get more of what you want.

I’m still learning and am constantly working on my priorities.


One of my clients was very good at what he did. He changed people’s lives whenever he worked with them.

He was great at opening doors for himself and with marketing. But what I found when I started working with him was that he always let sales go. He never did what he needed to do to get a sale at the right price quickly. Instead he constantly put himself in  situations where he needed to chase the sale after he had a great meeting.

I see this happening to many people every day – not just in business but in life more generally. I sometimes catch myself doing it.

Signs you’re holding yourself back from success

Answer these questions about yourself honestly. How you answer these questions is a good indication of what’s holding you back from making more sales and creating more influence.

  • Do you make time to exercise or do something you love every week?
  • Is the first task you do in the morning for you or for someone else?
  • Do you spend as much time thinking about how to get what you want as you spend thinking about how to give others what they want?
  • What is the first thing you sacrifice doing when you run short on time?
  • Do you spend time (however little) every day doing something that you know will get you closer to what you want in the future?
  • Can you see clearly your vision for the future?

Thinking about these things in business and in you personal life will give you a good understanding of what is stopping you.