I have so many clients that really crave a community of like minded entreprenures. People that understand the challenges only a fellow coach or consultant would understand. Getting together to brainstorm, mastermind and support can be a huge part of success for many many others. Accountablility Mentorship Community Support Like Minded Entreprenures Brainstorm Friendship These are all words that are being mentioned to me time and time again. I actually see client succeed so much faster when they are working with others. Seeing that coaching is a sign of strength not weakness. I am a member of a number of coaching programs and I truly believe that I would not be the coach I am today if it were not for the other coaches and fellow mentees I have met along the way. I encourage finding working relationships or what every helps you to build your business. I see me a cog in your business wheel and the more cogs you have the bigger the machine of the business can run. My next GROUP MASTERMIND will be LAUNCHING AUGUST 2018.