I'm all about coaching you, the action taking entrepreneur, to charge clients what you are worth.
I'm Sue Richards and I provide Sales Coaching programmes for successful entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their success to the next level. I work with professionals who provide value through Coaching and Consulting and want to be able to convert more leads, recruit more clients and be able to charge what they are worth.
Increasing Value and Charging what you are worth starts with your actions
I believe you can have an inspiring business you are passionate about. Charging what you are worth, so you can truly work with your ideal client add value AND have downtime outside of your business. It is totally possible with action.
My mission is to support you in making more money in your business and having more time. Seem impossible? I promise it can happen.
Do you ever have those sales that you just don't know how you did it? It was just easy? It just happened? But, you have no idea why? Then other days you just can't seem to get your value across? Potential clients just don't seem to be taking that step and hiring you? Or, they haggle on price as they are struggling to see the value.
I run programmes that coach you through the 7 steps to helping your customers buy.
Stop Selling and Help Client Buy!

Either my Mastermind One on One programme or group coaching programme. I coach you to get your potential clients to not only be asking "Where do I sign" but also paying premium prices for your premium service.

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The mindset shift that will immediately give you permission to increase your rates (even if you haven't sold your first package yet!) How to discover and own your expertise TODAY The reality check that will boost your bank account so you can create the thriving service based business you've always wanted... Say goodbye to trading time for money and realise your value!.